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As promised, I have analysed the major parties policies and responses* for alignment to platform, in order to determine my How-To-Vote guide.

Preference Decision

Liberal Party

Perhaps the most disappointing response was from the Liberal Party, with a lack of alignment in key areas of planning, rate capping, shop trading hours, schools, play grounds and pokies. The Liberal energy policy shows a lack of understanding of the factors that will lead to lower electricity prices for the whole community.

The Liberal candidate is clearly aware of the planning concerns in the community, but the Liberal Party provided no clear direction on policy improvements.

SA Best

There was a lack of policy detail for SA Best.  e.g. Planning reform was identified by their candidate, but there was no policy or even an appreciation of what the current planning issues are.  Also, the SA Best energy policy was more of an intent than a policy.


There is no doubt that Labor has stuffed up (polite term) many things, but they clearly identified local priorities that will make a difference in Badcoe.

There is a excellent and well targetted investment in schools and community facilities, a small and first step in assisting  the community to adapt to the challenges from urban infill.  There is more to be done!

Although late and expensive, I believe the Labor policy is most likely to improve electricity prices.

Surprisingly, neither the Liberal and SA Best had any real local outcomes in their campaigns, instead focussing on state-based issues.

 So… here is my How-To-Vote guide…

If you consider there is a better way to make your vote count, mark the remaining six boxes to align with your own preference.

I look forward to your support on Saturday 17 March.


* at the time of writing this post.  Also, SA Best advised were not interesting in preference discussions and hence did not repond.  The Greens aslo did not respond.

3 thoughts on “Preferences for Badcoe…

  1. I would have been interested to see the Greens’ positions included in your consideration. Would you not have expected them to do quite well? Thanks, Cathy

    1. I contact the Greens three times with no response. I’d guess they are more interested in the Legislative Council (Upper House) than Badcoe. My policies have specific (and targeted) environmental outcomes in mind, without being tied to a specific party’s platform.

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