Here are five good reasons WHY to vote for me as Independent for Badcoe:

  1. Outcome Focussed: To pursue the best outcomes for the community, NOT stuck with party policies, often influenced by other agendas and motives.

  2. Problem SolverI’d rather collaborate to solve a problem, that pick a fight just for the sake of it.

  3. Politics is not a Career: not looking for a career as politician; I can speak up on controversial issues, not worrying about pre-selection or party-political career path.

  4. Experienced: no L-PLATES… with combined over 35 years’ work experience in both private and government sectors, and being self-employed.

  5. Send a Message: Major political parties have lost focus on the things that matter, let them know your frustrations.

I am independent and have no past, present or planned affiliation with any political party.

Fiercely Independent - 1