Waste to Landfill


Each year Adelaide metropolitan councils send around 400,000 tonnes of our household waste to 5 landfill sites. In total around 650,000 tonnes of waste to landfill is generated in metropolitan Adelaide.

Yes… 650,000,000 kilograms of waste, more than an entire weight of two Empire State buildings each and every year.


Over the next four years, your Councils will pay the State Government around $160m via the Waste to Landfill Levy, this is added to your rates.

This levy is intended to incentivise a reduction in waste to landfill… it’s not working!

We have a moral and financial imperative to change this terrible environmental and financial outcome.


Take a look at this video of how Sweden uses waste to generate energy and in conjunction with recycle, significantly reduce waste to landfill.  Down to 1% of total waste… it is called Waste To Energy.

In 2015 West Torrens Council commissioned a report that showed metropolitan Adelaide had sufficient waste to land fill for a viable Waste to Energy plant.  Sure we need to consider the emissions and environmental impact, but if Sweden only lets 1% of their waste to land fill… why can’t we? Let’s put that $160m to better use.

Waste to Energy will also create a new source of base-load power, addressing the issues around reliability and sustainability, and in alignment with the recently released Finkel report.


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