NRM Levy

In 2017-18  the State Government will collect ~$29m in Natural Resources Management (NRM) Levies via local Councils, increasing to ~$31m in 2018/19.  Most of this Levy is NOT spent in the local areas where it is collected.

There is no reason for Councils to collect the NRM Levy for the State Government, they could use other agencies like SA Water.

As a principle of fairness, there should be better alignment of where the money is collected to where it is spent, OR perhaps the NRM Levy should be abolished, and the State Government accept reponsibility to fund our natural resources from general revenue.  e.g. stamp duty.

2 thoughts on “NRM Levy

    1. Hi Paul, thanks for your comment… the Natural Resources Management (NRM) Levy is imposed on Adelaide and Mount Lofty Councils by the state government (via council rates) and is used by the Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Board to support the regions natural resouces.

      Very little of the money collected from Adelaide metropolitan ratepayers is used those areas, with most being used in the northern coast and plains, northern hills, centrals hills, Willunga basin and Fleurieu Peninsulara areas.

      In effect, the metro Council ratepayers are funding environmental outcomes in semi rural and rural areas surrounding Adelaide.

      I have no doubt that the State government needs to invest in natural resources in these areas, but it should not be mostly funded via Council rates in Metropolitan Adelaide. In effect, the State Government is hiding this revenue collection activity ithin your Council rates. There is absolutely no reason why this recenue could not be collected by SA Water.

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