In 2016-17 South Australians lost $680m on pokies alone.

These machines are littered in many clubs and pubs throughout our suburbs.  The State Government collects around $280m, with the balance going to pokie machine owners.

You can’t win if you play pokies frequently (see below)… that is a fact.  They destroy people lives and lead to crime.  Lets get the pokies out of our suburbs. 


The revenue from the sale of the Land Titles Office provides a great revenue opportunity to enable the State Government to buy back pokies in clubs first, followed by the pubs, leaving pokies in the Casino for mostly tourism.

The government already has a buy-back process in place, but it is too slow and needs to be incentivised by the State Government offering higher prices, especially to community and sporting clubs.

For example, if the current buy back price for each pokie machine was increased to say $50,000 (currently around $18,000) many clubs and community orgnisations would take the money and hand back their pokies.  The buy back process could incentivise those who buy back early, by reducing the buy back price over time. e.g. rewarding early adopters.

The additional capital from sale of pokies could be used to pay down debt, refurbish and reinvest in revenue generating initiatives. Once the clubs and community groups were pokie free, they would also be eligible for Federal, State and Local grants (many miss out due to ownership of pokies).

The same process (Phase 2) could then apply to pubs.

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