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We have all seen the three levels of Australian government influenced and corruption by political donations.  It threatens the legitimacy of our democracy.

Australia has an abundance of advocacy, industry, and community based organisations that can lobby on behalf of their members and supporters.  We simply don’t need to complicate that with political donations.

Solution: Ban donation to political candidates and parties. A simple measure to protect our democracy.  It removes the opportunity for murky, clever or tricky manoeuvres to channel funding into political campaigns.

Terms of Office

There are too many career politicians in our parliaments.  Career politicians inevitably lose contact with the real world, get caught up in factional deals and become too influenced by powerful stakeholders.

Solution: South Australia State politicians serve for a maximum of 4 terms (16 years) consecutive or not.  If elected or appointed during a term, that will count as 1 full term.  The same limit would also apply to local government elected members.


There is no reason why politicians should be entitled to generous pensions that are not available to the rest of the community.

Solution: South Australia State politicians make the same superannuation contribution and are entitled to the same tax concession, conditions and pension available to everyday Australians.  Existing pension entitlements would be quarantined (not changed retrospectively) but discontinued into the future.

Public Funding of Campaigns

Candidates in State elections are eligible for public funding (from South Australian tax payers) for their election campaigns.  Each party candidate who receives over 4% first preference votes is entitled to $3.00 for each vote from the electoral commission.

Solution:  Whilst political parties can accept donations, tax payers should not be required to help fund their campaigns.


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