Population Policy


The population of South Australia younger generation is declining, we have fewer people under 25 than we did 25 years ago!

It is good for our youngsters leave and expand their horizons…  South Australia is a great place to live and start a family, the KEY question is how do we get them back!


Some ideas to throw into the mix…

  1. Provide the same property stamp duty exemption for first home owners in NSW and VIC.  e.g. first home owners are exempt from stamp duty for the first $500k.

  2. Introduce state based incentives for families to ensure we continue to build our young population. e.g. subsidised child care and after school care, zero school fees for public schools, incentives for living in regional locations.

  3. Introduce family health care incentives.

  4. Incentives for completing post-graduate studies for SA residents.

  5. Greater incentives for entrepreneurs to start and locate new business in SA.

Yes, these solutions may will impact our state budget, but we waste so much, it would not be hard to find the funding.

If we continue to lose our younger people interstate, we will increasingly become dependent on the generosity of those states to support South Australians, something unlikely to be provided in the long-term.

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