Public Service


It is important we retain front-line public services here in South Australia.  The factors that determines the size of our public service should be the quality and availability of services to the community, not some arbitrary efficiency dividend.

However, if we compare our executive service with other States… we have too many.  And that imposes a significant cost to our community.

SA Public Sector Profile

Source: SA Government

Here is South Australia, 1.2% of our public sector employees are executive. This is almost double Victoria (0.7%) and with Queensland and NSW at 1%.

A few years back I worked in the public service.  I was baffled by the size of the executive service, one that was self-sustaining and stifled both good decision-making and outcomes.


Let’s align our public sector executive with the levels with other Australian State benchmarks… say 1%.  A back of the envelope calculation shows a saving of at least $60m a year (~300 Executives @ $200,000).

Leave our front line services alone, they will be pleased that middle and senior management are out of their way!