Shop Trading Hours


There is a clear need to extend shop trading hours in Adelaide City, particularly to cater for tourism. I am not sure this concept is so easily translated to the rest of South Australia.  And, at present, we don’t have a whole lot of facts, just lots of speculation on both sides of the argument.


There are two actions that I see that will provide a way forward:

  1. Undertake a review of the existing Shop Trading Hours Act (1977) to remove out-dated definitions and odd exemptions.

  2. Conduct a 1 year trial of extended shopping hours in an Adelaide metro location. The trial would require large retailers pay a levy, that is passed on to local small businesses to assist with improving their business and better enabling them to compete with the large retailers.

At the conclusion of the trial, a factual analysis can be completed to determine the opportunities and challenges associated with extending hours and whether or not it is the best interest of the community.

2 thoughts on “Shop Trading Hours

  1. I’m all for optional extended shopping hours but don’t mess with our penalty rates! No one should have to work anti-social or out of business hours for the same rate as the more convenient business hours.

  2. I’ve never worked in retail, so I have no self-interest here. As much as extended hours have sometimes been convenient for me, I believe in a fair go for workers. If hours are extended, the workers MUST retain their penalty rates. As a consumer, I’d rather there be no extended hours in preference to my fellow Australians not getting their penalty rates.

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