Sports & Clubs


It is great to see Local, State and Federal government supporting re-development of sporting and community facilities throughout Badcoe.  Many of these facilities are tired and need to be refreshed to reflect the changing nature of community engagement.

One of the issues these organisation all face is the ongoing cost of running and maintaining their operations and facilities.  Membership fees, fund-raising and other revenue sources only go part of the way to providing the money needed to keep operating.

Weigall Oval Master Plan -1.JPG
Master plan for re-development of Weigall Oval


The State Government could aggregate the services to reduce key operating costs for community organisations.  For example… the recently announced electricity bulk-buy power deal for concession holders could be extended to sporting and community clubs throughout South Australia.

Via the Office of Recreation and Sport, a similar process could be applied to other cost areas like other utilities, insurance, information technology, finance etc.

Sport and Community Clubs play a vital role in the health and well-being of our community… and we can do more to make sure they continue to be sustainable into the future.

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