No Glandore High Rise


Currently an 8 Storey a development is being considered by the State Planning Commission for 192 Anzac Highway in Glandore.

How did this happen?

When the new Council Development Plan was approved by the State Government in 2015, the intention was the whole of Anzac Highway from South Rd to Beckman St would be a maximum of 3 Storeys to help protect and not impose on the many character properties in Glandore.

Through a quirk in the property boundary, the proposed development at 192 Anzac Highway is being allowed to be submitted as it does not directly abut the Glandore Character Zone.

To ensure this quirk is removed and the maximum is restored to 3 Storeys, West Torrens Council has sought approval from the Planning Minister (John Rau) to change the Development, so as to only allow a maximum of 3 Storeys, irrespective of whether the property directly abuts the Character Zone or not.


Glandore Urban Corridor1

I am seeking support from the major parties to agree to the Statement of Intent and to ensure the Development Plan for Glandore reflects original intent of consultation with the community… maximum of 3 Storeys (no ifs or buts).


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