Changes to Urban Infill Policy


The State Government has significantly increased the rate and density of urban infill in may parts in of inner metropolitan Adelaide.

This is creating a boom for developers, leaving local communities suffering crowding, congestion and heat that our suburbs and infrastructure were not designed to accommodate.

The quality of infill development needs to be improved, in conjunction with a reduction the level of density.

Sustainable Infill-1


  1. Increase the minimum lot size to reduce the level of infill.

  2. Increase the required area for garages and storage to build more realistic housing.

  3. Increase the minimum level of green space to reduce storm water and heat intensity.  Also considering the heat intensity impact for new developments.

  4. Introduce an infill development levy (directly provided to Councils) to upgrade community infrastructure, increase green space and reduce heat intensity.

These four simple amendments to our Development Plans will ensure that we create new infill developments that are sustainable and limit the impact to our community.

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